Aviation Cardiology Services

The sixth Northampton ECG Course is a 2 day course designed to improve the skills of junior doctors, GPs, AMEs, nurses, physician associates and paramedics. Presented by Dr Timperley, the course provides training in a relaxed atmosphere. As an experienced teacher, regularly teaching on Advanced Life Support courses, Dr Timperley is able to help all groups of health professionals to  improve their ECG interpretation skills.


The course includes techniques for interpretation and using cardiac animations ensures the delegate understands the generation of the ECG to improve the retention of their new interpretation skills. 


The course is interactive with audience participation in the assessment of ECGs during the lectures. Over 200 ECGs are used throughout the course.


At the end of the course there is an MCQ examination of common ECG abnormalities

Specific areas covered include:

The basics of the ECG

​Acquisition of the ECG

Axis of the ECG
Conduction abnormalities
Bundle branch block
Atrial arrhythmias
Lead misplacement and artefacts
Supraventricular arrhythmias

ST and T wave abnormalities
Ventricular arrhythmias
Ischaemic heart disease
Channelopathies and other conditions

Pacemakers and the ECG

Hyperkalaemia and Metabolic Abnormalities

"excellently presented with superb depth"


"this course would be beneficial to many allied health professionals"


"I have been to a few ECG courses but this was by far the best in terms of total clarification"


"great presenter, nice teaching style"


"I recommend everyone working in ED to attend this course"

Due to the limitations imposed by Covid and the success of our Zoom based ECG courses, with excellent feedback we have decided to contine to run the course virtually.


One of the advantages of running the course online is the reduction in over head costs and a significantly reduced cost of the course to the applicant.


Course cost is £175  for medical staff  for the two days including downloadable course materials, and £150 for nurses, PAs, paramedic and ambulance tehnicans. There is a 10% discount for members of the Association of Aeromedical Examiners.


If you need to make a cancellation please email to confirm the cancellation. If the cancellation is more than 30 days before the course, a full refund will be made. If a cancellation is made between 5 and 14  days before the course date, a 50% refund will be made. If a cancellation is made less than 5 days before the course, no refund will be made. Please press on the button below and you will taken to the application form. All cases will be assessed individually.