Aviation Cardiology Services

We provide a comprehensive aviation cardiology service to assist:

Professional Pilots
General Aviation Pilots
Aeromedical Examiners
Air Traffic Controllers
Cabin Crew

We can undertake medicals for UK CAA and EASA pilots

Pilot, ATC & Cabin Crew Medicals

As a UK and EASA class 1 AME, Dr Timperley is able to undertake initial, renewal/revalidation of class 2 and LAPL, and renewal/revalidation of class 1 and class 3 medicals. For crew with cardiology issues requiring a consultant cardiologist opinion to maintain certifcation, he is able to combine a medical with a cardiology review. Dr Timperley is also available to perform medicals for cabin crew.

Cardiology Investigations

One of the commonest reasons for an AME being unable to issue a medical certification is an abnormality found on the ECG. The CAA often require a number of investigations in order to obtain or maintain certification. We are able to offer all investigations required by the CAA and for the common investigations are able to perform all of these during one visit. For pilots requiring a 24 hour ECG we can post that to an AME for fitting, and the pilot can post the monitor for reading.

Aviation Cardiology Opinion

For aircrew and air traffic controllers who do have a cardiology condition, Dr Timperley is able to give specialist opinions in line with EASA and CAA guidlines. As well as giving cardiology opinons he is also able to give advice in difficult cases where a pilot or controller may be considering an appeal against a decision from their competent authority.

Northampton ECG Course

We are now able to offer an expert two day course in ECG Interpretation. This course is idea for all healthcare professionals who to improve their skill at ECG interpreation, including doctors (hospital and GP), AMEs, nurses, cardiac technicians, paramedics and physician associates. Please note due to Covid-19 this course is run virtually using Zoom.

We can also create bespoke courses for groups, e.g. ECG issues facing psychiatrists.

Dr Jonathan Timperley is a consultant cardiologist, UK CAA Authorised Medical Examiner (No. 10423), Malta EASA Authorised Medical Examiner (No. 25) pilot and served in the Royal Air Force for 20 years, retiring from the service as the Lead Cardiologist and Clinical Lead for the RAF ECG Management System.

Dr Jonathan Timperley MB ChB MD FRCP FRAeS

ECG Reporting Service

We provide a high quality, rapid, electronic service for reporting of the "Requires Over Read" ECG for aviation medicals. ECGs are reported in accordance with the CAA guidelines and an CAA Form  108 is returned usually within 6 working hours. Each report includes specific advice on further management frrom an aviation cardiology expert.